Flipbook Advantages

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Accessibility: making it easier to reach a larger number of people

By creating and publishing a online flipbook, you expose it to the world.

While there are other factors that will determine how visible your online flipbook is online, such as your digital marketing activities or SEO strategy, the fact is there is no upper limit to the number of customers that can be reached. Sounds pretty promising, right? With the right targeting, you could easily double your reader base and spread the word across the web. Furthermore, if someone doesn’t like your flipbook, they’ll just move on. This is exactly why you still win. The materials that you paid for aren’t thrown away as they would be with printed material.

Integrating links to products, ads, and related resources

You can add links throughout the flipbook to products, companies, or any other advertising opportunity you want to take advantage of. By integrating links within your content you influence action.

Imagine how much more effort each customer would personally need to put into checking facts or finding relevant resources and products if they were holding a pile of papers in front of them. Some customers may be willing to put in such an effort, but most won’t. With all this information available on the Internet, people are getting lazy. How can you benefit from this?

Personal connection through videos and visuals

Adding your personal or branded video can spice up your flipbook with one is a great option. You can embed them directly into the pages. This enhances the user experience by making the content more interesting than static text. This is also a great way to give a presentation about your company,  include real customer testimonials, or even  let readers see your own face by offering a personalized message. You can also use video to showcase product features, mention ingredients used in a dish, or show behind-the-scenes production details. You could even give a virtual tour of your facility!

Easy navigation: search and zoom

We’d like to go back to a bold but true statement from above: “People are getting lazy”. What’s easier than turning numerous pages and scanning each one of them for the information you want? And what’s easier than scrolling through a whole PDF document just to find that 3-sentence paragraph on page 36?

Even though these questions may sound unrelated to business success to an untrained ear, there are professionals in the industry who obsess over these questions, trying to determine how they affect customers and sales rates. The answers may not be precise but they come to this – if too much of the customer’s time is consumed loading and finding what they need, you risk losing their interest.

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